Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Art and Wine Night

It's back to school time so I decided to invite all of the moms from this upcoming session to indulge in a night of art-making and wine! Many of the moms have been watching their children here in the studio for months and I wanted to offer them a chance to finally participate in the creative process. It's a way for them to get a taste of what their children are experiencing in art class and also get a chance to connect with other moms in the community. It was fun to hear how the children responded when their moms said "I'm going to art class tonight!"One child said, "but that's my favorite class!" And another child said, "why can't I go?" It's wonderful that they feel a sense of ownership here in the studio :)We started off the night making monoprints with acrylic boxes (like we most recently did for Father's day cards).

Then we moved on to collages with tissue paper and tempera paints (mixed with glue and water). This is a great project for anyone to jump right in, regardless of art experience- it's simple and always beautiful!
Outside an easel was set up for a collaborative canvas painting. It now hangs in the art studio for the children to see :)
Thanks Mamas! Let's do it again soon.

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