Thursday, February 25, 2010

Collage and Colorful Glue

Jordan and Liam arrive to class in style!
To start off our session on 3-D art, we begin by examining collage items. The children were given cups to scoop the materials and carry them to their tray.
Once at their tray, they were offered sparkly paint and a brush to begin a collage.Soon, I introduced the squeeze bottle glue- messy but always fun!
Richie experiments with various mediums on his first day of class.
Hanna and Jordan were interested in collecting as many collage items as they could fit on their trays!
Soon, I added cups of liquid watercolor and glitter to the table. This made the gluing much more colorful!

While the older kids worked on their collages at the table, Karuna and Richie explored the studio, painting and making prints at the easels.

Here Liam makes blue glue!
A few of the finished pieces...

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